29 Apr 2014

Mentor - Mentee

Mentor – Mentee

Mentor : Noun – an experienced person in an organisation or institution who trains and advises
new employees or students. ORIGIN named after Mentor, the advisor of Telemachus in
Homer's Odyssey.
P. 423, Illustrated Oxford Dictionary, Edition 2011.

Mentor : n trusted counsellor, विश्वासी मन्त्री, परामर्शक या सलाहकार।
P. 368. Bhargava English Hindi Dictionary (?)

Mentor (മെന്റര്‍) n. wise counsellor, experienced and trusted advisor or monitor,
ഉപദേശകന്‍, ഉപദേഷ്ടാ, മാര്‍ഗ്ഗദര്‍ശി
Mentorial adj. (മെന്റാറിയല്‍) containing advice or admonition, ബുദ്ധ്യുപദേശക
P. 1790, DC Books Eng.Eng. Mal. Dictionary, Edition 1986.

Mentee : noun A person who is advised or trained by a mentor
P. 636, Compact Oxford English Dictionary, South Asia Edition, 2012.

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